GRACE Association also has established a computer lab with DSL internet and solarized power facilities at GRACE Public School Skardu. Students and youth from different schools and locations visit and benefit from the facility using internet for enriching their studies and business communication.

GRACE English Works Program provides a golden opportunity to young adults learn entrepreneurship skills facilitating and teaching use of technology, the internet and information as a solution for employment. Our program graduates are rising to the challenge by pioneering the use of ICT, and driving trends in what is a dynamic and major growth industry. So far almost 30 percent of 200 graduates are now self-employed and or got employment.

Another important initiative taken by GRACE Association Pakistan in collaboration with the Rehabilitation International Korea is the Global IT Challenge (GITC) for youth with disabilities. The GITC is a capacity building project helping Youth with Disabilities (YWD) overcome their limitations and challenge themselves for a better future. It offers access to Information Communication Technology (ICT) and improve their ability to participate while setting ICT agenda related to disabilities and boosting up international cooperation exchange. This program is being run by the Rehabilitation International (RI) Korea in collaboration with the Korean Government, LG Company and other supporters. GRACE Association Pakistan being a member of the Rehabilitation International is one of the partner organization from Pakistan. GRACE is participating in the GITC since 2016 and organizing delegation of youth with disabilities in consultation with relevant departments of the Government of Pakistan.