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GRACE founder Khadim Hussain
Our Work | Message from the Founder

Pakistan entered 2010 with some of the world's worst examples of terrorism and socioeconomic, political and environmental problems. Throughout 2011 and beyond, these burdens will continue to hamper the development of education, health, poverty reduction, gender empowerment, population control. In addition, opportunities for marginalised and deprived communities will also suffer. This situation has been seriously aggravated by three additional factors:

  • Unprecedented, destructive floods in 2010,
  • Diminishing access to energy, water, subsistence commodities, and
  • The diversion of much-needed funds to other initiatives, including anti-terrorism measures and the rehabilitation of large numbers of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

In the face of these challenges, GRACE is committed to play an effective role in supporting projects designed to implement sustainable, across-the-board improvements. We need to expand our networks and build robust partnerships to address the issues of poverty, environmental degradation, conflict, deprivation and exclusion. Addressing these needs calls for change management with an enhanced focus on policy advocacy, promotion of justice and equality and significant development through community empowerment.

To achieve these outcomes, we will continue to apply best practices in collaborating with initiatives at various levels to create winning strategies to bring within reach a better quality of life to which we all aspire. We welcome and appreciate your contributions on behalf of the communities that we serve.

Thank you,


Khadim Hussain

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