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If you are a donor or a private organization and are interested in directing support towards a specific project, GRACE Association has developed a 'Support a Project' menu. Please note, however, unrestricted funding can be more helpful; in this way we can deploy your funds in the most strategic way for the development of marginalized communities in Pakistan.

We believe in change which is visible, replicable and sustainable. We assure you of a high level of transparency in the use of your financial support and accountability for our performance and quality.

The list of ongoing projects is given below. We will provide you with the full project document after receiving your expression of interest. Once the project is supported and under implementation, you will be provided with quarterly and six-monthly progress reports. On completion, GRACE will provide you with a full project achievement report.

Please contact us to support a project. Thank you.

Pakistan Flood Relief: Saving lives among those affected by floods

Collateral damage as a result of flooding has been very heavy in a number of mountain villages, located in a radius of 20 km to 132 Km from Skardu main city in Gilgitthe north of Pakistan. Among these villages are: Shot Qumrah, Kwardu, Basho, Talish, Frano, Yulskil Kharko, Surmo and Ghursey Baltistan. As with many disasters, the worst affected are usually women and children.

Their situation can only get worse with the onset of winter. As well as raising exposure to disease, we fear that the living conditions of vulnerable people affected by the 2010 floods will greatly reduce the quality of life for many, and for some even prove life-threatening.

We are looking for your donations to fund the provision of essential winter relief items for these flood victims and especially reduce the suffering of the vulnerable members of society. These materials include warm clothes for children and the elderly, as well as stout footwear, warm sleeping kits and essential items such as wheelchairs for people with physical disabilities.

Help provide Inclusive Education to children with disabilities

One of the prime objectives of Grace Association is to help develop society by bringing people with disabilities into the mainstream. Presently 14 percent of the children enrolled in GRACE Public School live with physical or mental disabilities or have speech impediments. Our's is the only school where children with disabilities are enrolled. The sad reality is that hundreds of other disabled children have no education at all, either because of a lack of inclusive schools in the area, and/or parents caught in a poverty trap leaving them unable to fund their children's education.

Out of a total population of 1.8 million in Gilgit-Baltistan, 11 percent are children or persons with disabilities. These numbers are among the highest in the world. Depressingly, the reasons for this high figure include malnutrition, lack of antenatal care and a poor understanding of diseases that give rise to disability at birth. Added to this list are anti-personnel mines and the sporadic artillery exchanges across the Indo-Pakistani border. The list seems endless. As if this were not bad enough, many communities have absorbed disability into their mix of social value systems, interpreting these miseries as ordained by a God whose punishments must be endured without the possibility of a better life. GRACE Association Pakistan has identified and registered more than 300 children and persons with disabilities in Baltistan. Among these, 36 percent have been assessed by a World Health Organization team in Skardu.

GRACE Association aims to change this trend by championing the idea of an inclusive environment, both in government as well as in private schools. This is achieved through a support mechanism and by making school environments barrier-free, especially for children with physical and visual impairments. At the tactical level we construct ramps and railings, provide educational assistance and train local teachers in inclusive education. However, we cannot turns these plans into action without your support and collaboration. Don't worry if you can't donate cash; you may share a resource organization, you can introduce our programme to other support organizations in your country or you may share supportive information with us.