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We are deeply grateful for the efforts of any and all who help fundraise on behalf of GRACE Association, Pakistan. No matter how big or small the amount, the money that you raise will help us to execute planned projects that are designed to generate real change at grassroots level in many remote, rural villages throughout the country. There are many options you can choose from in order to help.

Help the Right One:

Help the Right One is a two-year initiative by GRACE Association to inspire unprecedented action to promote community development initiatives in the country. Examples include rights-based initiatives for children (with and without disabilities), women or the elderly in need of immediate help. We will provide more detailed documentation to those expressing interest in supporting any of the Help the Right One projects.

All people, wherever they are, have rights - the right to a childhood, adequate healthcare, education, to be treated fairly and to be heard. Yet millions are denied these rights every day. Global economic depression, climate change and HIV/AIDS only serve to make the situation worse.

At the heart of the 'Help the Right One' initiative are the true stories of two target beneficiaries who represent the millions of vulnerable people who have been denied their rights. Each story takes as its focus one or more of the universal human rights as listed in the historic United Nations Declaration of 1948. Collectively they highlight the interconnectedness of all rights for all people.

Organize Your Own Fundraising Activity:
Join a GRACE Group:

Group activities raise both funds and awareness -equally important - for the GRACE Association. Their events are also a great way to meet new people and have fun. If you are interested in becoming involved with a GRACE group but can't find one based in your area, why not set up one of your own together with other like-minded and motivated people.

Why set up a GRACE Group?

The Groups on which we depend get involved in a wide variety of activities, including coffee mornings, street collections during emergencies, music concerts, Mahfil Mushaera, quiz nights and much more.

Starting a new GRACE group is a fantastic way to get involved with GRACE, knowing that you can make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people throughout the country. It's also a great way of meeting new people in your area.

No experience is necessary to set up a local GRACE group. All we ask is that you are enthusiastic and passionate about our work in upholding human rights and are prepared to volunteer some of your time. Your efforts can result in huge improvements to vulnerable lives. Our groups are very important to GRACE and were responsible for raising significant donation during 2010-11.

When setting up a new group you will be joining our international network of GRACE groups, and can call on the support of a dedicated fundraising officer.

Whatever fundraising you choose to do, GRACE can offer expert advice and resources that will help make your fundraiser event a success.

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And don't forget to contact us. Please note that NO commissions are subtracted from funds raised through this site. That means that all of the money that you donate or collect in sponsorship goes directly to our work, intact, for the intended target peoples and their rights.