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World Book and Copy Rights Day at GRACE
News | 2013 GRACE English Access Program Celebrated World Book and Copy Rights Day

GRACE English Access Program students celebrated the World Book and Copyright Day at GRACE Public School Skardu and Khaplu on April 23, 2013 to highlight the power of books to bring us together and transmit the culture of peoples and their dreams of a better future.

Khadim Hussain Chief Executive GRACE Association was the Chief Guest. Students presented skirt, speech and songs to highlight importance of the Day. Wazir Shamshad Hussaind and Access Program Faculty Staff shared their views and said that the day provides an opportunity to all of us to think on ways to better disseminate the culture of the written word and to allow all people to access information, through literacy books. Khadim Hussain Chief Executive GRACE said that nobody may deny the important of Books in developing intellectual capacity and transferring knowledge and information to new generation. He further said that we should promote libraries and reading habits in our new generation and encourage publishers, book shops, libraries and schools. Books are very important for spreading education, science, and culture worldwide. This day also calls us to think on the changes in books over the long term and the intangible values that should guide us. Baltistan is very rich in traditional stories which can be preserved in books but we need to work on it. I hope many students in our center and school will work on this powerful technology: failsafe, portable technology to preserve Balti culture.