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English Access Microsholarship
News | 2012 Graduation and Inauguration Ceremony 2010-14

English Access Microsholarship Skardu and Khaplu

GRACE Association Pakistan (GRACE) organized English Access program Graduation and Inauguration ceremony, the event was honored by Mr. Majeed and Mrs. Joelle Uzarski, Director English Language Program, US embassy Islamabad.

The Access Program is a 2 years after school course providing English language learning opportunities to 14-18 years old adolescents from economically disadvantaged communities at GRACE Public Schools Skardu and Khaplu with financial assistance from the US Embassy in Pakistan.

Program Coordinator Access Program Wazir Shamshad Hussain highlighted the program objectives and progress and expressed his great pleasure for completion of the course for the first cohort 80 male and female from April 2010 to April 2012 and Inception of the 2nd cohort for further 125 male and female adolescents at GRACE Public Schools Skardu and Khaply in Gilgit-Baltistan region.

A large number of audience and notable guests including guests from US Embassy, Principal Cadet College Skardu, local community elders, parents, media men, and students participated the event.

Addressing the audience Guests from US Embassy Mr. Majeed and Mrs. Joelle Uzarski said that this program is already running in 87 countries with 80,000 students worldwide. Ms Uzarski said "Students of Gilgit Baltistan are very gifted with great talent and I'm very moved by their performance".

Parents appreciated the dedicated efforts of GRACE Association . Sharing her views with the participants and guests and representing parents, Ms Shabana said that "We are very keen and confident about the devoted performance of GRACE". At the end Access Graduation Certificates for 80 and 125 New Access Microscholarship Awards were distributed to the Access Students. The graduated cohort is called "Access Alumni". Students colored the event and highlighted their talent by speeches and role-plays.