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Connecting Baltistan with the entire World through the tool of English Language.
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Connecting Baltistan with the entire World through the tool of English Language

Chief Executive, Grace Association Pakistan Khadim Hussain and Mr. Tom Miller Mission Director for Communication U.S. Embassy Pakistan, signed an agreement on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 to award English ACCESS Microscholarship to 125 male and female adolescents between age group 14-16 years old from disadvantaged families in Skardu and Khaplu Baltistan.

This agreement will provide free after school English language classes for 125 disadvantaged 75 students at GRACE Public School Skardu and 50 students at Khaplu for the next two years. These language classes provide students much needed English skills that can open up doors in higher education and employment. There are over 5000 Pakistani students currently taking part in the program across the country.

This program not only helps improve students' ability to gain proficiency in the English language and develop other communication skills but it also helps understanding of U.S. culture and values, encouraging critical thinking and open-mindedness, and improving performances through various students enhancement activities and organizing important national and international days. The students are encouraged to participate in community service activities and understand and apply civic values in their practical life. The program inception date is April 15, 2012 and end date is April 14, 2014

Mr. Khadim thanked the US Embassy and Public Affairs Section Team for granting an extension and expansion of the Access Program in Skardu Baltistan for next two years. He also shared the benefits of Access Program Skardu during the last two years which has developed a cadre of skilled youth including 40 boys and 40 girls with proficient skills in all four domains of English as well as enhanced abilities for showing excellence in their studies and in the society. The Access Graduates are well recognized as hard working, able and active students in their schools and community.