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News | 2013 Raising awareness on health and hygiene among Al-Zahra School Students & Community

GRACE Association organized a one day awareness session on health and hygiene for students of Al-Zahra School Kwardo Skardu.

The event was organized at Al-Zahra School Muntazarabad Kwardu. Allama Sheikh Muhammad Ismail Najafi Imam Juma wal Jamaat was the Chief Guest. Mr. Khadim Chief Executive GRACE and Sehrish Bashir Projects Coordinator GRACE Skardu also participated the program. Speakers highlighted the importance of health and hygiene and cleanliness in daily life. They briefly highlighted importance of washing hands after using latrine, before eating meals, daily bath, brushing teeth and cleaning drinking water by boiling is not only improve children's physical health but also plays a vital role in their cognitive development.

Allama Sheikh Ismail explained the importance and need of hygiene habits in the light of the teaching of Holy Quran and Sunnah. He also emphasized on girls education and said in Islam there is no difference in daughters and sons for education. He said that if we studies educating a girl seem more important than educating a boy because mother lap is the first school for every child. If the first institution ignored about her responsibilities and needs of nurturing a child then there can be no development and peace. Therefore we should never forget investing in girl's education.

The Chief Executive highlighted that health and hygiene are as important as food and water is important for children growth. He further said that GRACE Association appreciate the efforts of WAFA and the community and congratulate on completing Al-Zahra Girls School Project implementing by GRACE Association supported by Direct Aid Program of the Australian High Commission Islamabad.

At the end of the session 150 health and hygiene kits were distributed among the students and teachers. Mothers and students were very happy for having the Hygiene Kits.

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