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News | Reports - Two Years English Access Microscholarship Programme
The Chief Executive, Grace Association Pakistan Mr. Khadim Hussain and Mr. Larry Schwartz, Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Islamabad, signed an agreement on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 to run the English ACCESS Microscholarship Programme at Grace Public School Skardu for the next two years. The goal of the programme is to prepare students with exceptional ability in both written and spoken English.
Programme Implementation:

Shamshad Hussain, Grace Association Pakistan Programme Coordinator, will be the ACCESS Coordinator for this programme which will run at the GRACE Public School in Skardu for 40 boy and 40 girls students in the 14-16 year old age group. Students will be streamed into separate English Access classes. These classes will be held after normal school hours. Management and delivery of these classes during the two-year period will be undertaken by four qualified instructors, taken on especially for the task.

Project Period: Two years: April 15, 2010- April 14, 2012
Pre-implementation phase: March 14-April 14, 2010 - Project staff recruitment and student selection
Project implementation:
  • English language teaching programme
  • Enhancement activities programme
  • Personal development programme
Monitoring, evaluation, support, coordination and reporting activities would be continue through April 2012
  • Project consolidation and closure
  • Course completion and graduation
  • Final project report and financial report
  • Impact assessment report
Self-Enhancement and Career Progression Activities

The following activities will be included in the Programme for the self-enhancement and career progression of the students: comprehension, reading, writing, conversation, improving spelling vocabulary - including a Spelling Bee competition, handwriting, test preparation, essay Competition.

Certificate of award and completion

On successful participation of the two-year ACCESS Programme, certificates will be presented at an award ceremony, with certificates signed by the US Ambassador to Pakistan.