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News | Reports - Grace Water Supply - Astana Skardu 2009-2010

  • Name of the organization: Grace Association Pakistan
  • Project: GRACE Water Supply Project Astana Skardu
  • Funds provided by Japan Embassy in Pakistan
  • Grant contract date: 4 November 2009
  • Construction start date: 14 November 2009
  • End project date: 31 July 2010
  • Project's objectives: To improve the quality of life of the displaced population particularly women and female children through:

  • Providing safe drinking water to 100% families of the target area
  • Reducing the work load of women and raise their awareness for home based business activities
  • Organizing women water management committees for the sustainability of the project and enhance their participation in socioeconomic development activities
  • Increasing the girl children enrollment in schools through awareness raising of the communities

The project has been completed in 10 months. Activities included installation of 4 km main 160 mm dia pipeline to transport water from main water source, Water Tank near Sadpara Lake in Skardu City; installation of distribution pipelines in Brolmo Colony, renovation and repairing of pipes in Astana Bala, Paeen and Gultary Colony and construction of Brolmo Colony Water Tank have been completed by July 31, 2010. Now all the intended populations including 5080 indigenous and 7670 Internally Displaced Populations (IDPs) in village Astana Skardu have safe/taped drinking water at their door steps.

GRACE Association conducted capacity building meetings/training workshops on project water supply project management and operations. Now the committees? members have started managing and operating the project by themselves in their respective villages. Women are also involved in the water supply scheme operations. They are looking after the water waste collecting fines on water wasting families.

Village Water Committees and Women Water Committees have now owned the responsibilities to operate the water project. Girl children of the communities have now time to attend schools. The communities have given a special pipe line for GRACE Public School Skardu and the children have now access to safe drinking water.

Women have more time to give attention on other domestic and personal welfare and development activities. The workload of the women also now reduced. Now women are participating in the community level activities playing their role in collecting water tariff and helping the village water committee to operate the water supply project successfully.