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The CBO launched community development projects by developing links and partnerships with various development organisations including the Aga Khan Education Services and Rural Support Program, the Water and Sanitation Extension Program, and advocacy networks with public sector departments at the regional level to help secure the socioeconomic rights for deprived communities.

In 2000, Mr. Khadim was named Chief Organiser of the Karakorum Development Union (KDU) - an advocacy and lobbying forum to mobilise public sector resources for grassroots community development. The approaches adopted by the KDU for complementing and supporting enhanced development in partnership with development agencies have now become the organisation's principle way of working. The steps taken to bring this concept to life was so systematic and robust that it looked like a self-funded volunteer programme powerful enough to mobilise assets, previously thought inaccessible, and capable of resourcing the construction of bridges, link roads, water irrigation channels and power supplies for many deprived communities in Kwardu Baltistan.

For the three consecutive years 1998-2001, CBO was one of the key partner organisations of the NGO capacity building programme of the Northern Areas Conservation Strategy Support Program (IUCN NAs). As a result of this intensive programme, the organisation expanded its intervention activities and started developing project proposals for raising funds, leading to the implementation of highly effective and sustainable projects through the twin approaches of community participation and building partnership with external agencies. Consequently, in 2001, Mr. Khadim and a number of other CBO members formed the 'Baltistan NGO Network' (BNN), a collective advocacy with shared objectives for networking, capacity building, promoting gender equality and development. The BNN played a vital role in activating the CBOs in the region by launching capacity building training workshops, networking conferences, advocacy campaigns and developing nationwide links. They also launched a three-year project on gender equality, establishing a resource centre in Skardu Baltistan with Mr. Khadim as Project Coordinator.

In 2006 the group of seven community development volunteers led by Mr. Khadim Hussain organised a meeting in Islamabad to review the past - successes and failures - as well as look ahead to new challenges. They began investigating more pragmatic approaches to address the root causes and impacts of poverty, environmental degradation, conflict, social/economic imbalances and social exclusion. Based on past experiences, the group believed that by addressing these root causes, they would be able to offer practical solutions with the potential to lead to measurable growth, social transformation and more justice throughout society.

The outcome of this meeting was the formation of an independent institution - the GRACE Association, Pakistan - dedicated to make a significant contribution towards vulnerable communities living in the least developed parts of the country. In February 2007, GRACE was registered as a None Profit Organization (NPO) under the Companies Ordinance 1984 with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).